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Oops I've done it again

Hi Petdoc,

Today is the 6th week since I broke my tibia and fibula. I also gave my neck a good shake and have a mild paraesthesia from central cord syndrome (a.k.a. whiplash). It seems that this problem gets worse after 50 years old.
My Alpine Stars tech 5 did not prevent the leg injury, but I knew the leg was broken when the ambulance officers took the boot off! I had an interesting time being winched into the helicopter before being taken 300 Km to Melbourne. I felt like I had been sandblasted and for days there was sand in my hospital bed.

I had to wear a cervical neck brace for 6 weeks. Bummer! I still have slight pins and needles in my wrists and senstive skin over the inner forearms. This might be transient or permanent.

I had a spiral fractured tibia reduced with a "nail" inserted below the knee cap and guided with a small incision /bone access hole above the ankle. They did not reduce the minimally dispaced fibula. They placed a back slab plaster, an L shaped plaster under the foot and up behind the calf muscle. It was wrapped into position using a crepe bandage. At two weeks they removed the back strap and the staples(metal stures). I was told to use crutches and no weight bearing for 6 weeks. I had to use Endone ( morphine) tablets for a few days , but then I found the pain level was controlled by paracetamol and ibuprofen. I stopped taking pain relief at about 2 weeks post op.

My problem has been with swelling of the leg and foot. I keep it elevated when I can which helps. I can identify with the feeling of tape under the foot. I have lost mobility in the ankle and until my next review in Melbourne ( 380Km away/ 5 hours by road.) I am reluctant to start loading my leg yet.

In the past I have found walking knee deep in the sea is a useful exercise for ankle/knee recovery . The cold helps kill the pain.

Future plans:
1) dont ride my DRZ400 in deep sand. I wish I had listened and ridden my wrf290 ( horses for courses)
2) Buy a neck brace. I like the look of the Omegabrace S1 the others seem to lack energy absorption technology and just limit helmet movement and then transfer the energy to the clavicles, sternum and cervical spine.
3) Rethink my decision to wear medium boots on and APC rally in 2012.

I have been riding dirt for 30 years. Accidents can happen in the blink of the eye, unforeseen obstacles can get you off balance, or worse you can hit another rider head on or an animal (kangaroos/moose?). This is my first major fracture ( if you discount the 3 broken clavicles, ribs, thumb, nose, haematoma on the other leg).
I am a dentist and what I am realizing is that the wonderful blood supply to the head allows me greater leeway with bone healing than that which happens in long bones. After implant surgery often patients say that they feel OK within a few days. One good thing about injury is that it makes you appreciate when you are healthy! I wish you a speedy recovery Pet Doc
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