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Originally Posted by Skippii View Post
My supervisor is "cleaning out" some storage areas, which means that all the chemicals get given to anyone who needs it, or thrown in the dumpster and in the morning they'll get picked up by the trash truck.

I'm happy and grateful about the first part--oil stain remover for concrete driveways, hand soap, rust remover---all good stuff for any who works on bikes or owns a KLR owner.

I am NOT happy about the second part.

I just spoke to my supervisor about if it's really a good/safe/legal idea to let all those chemicals get crushed together by the trash compacting truck. I seem to recall hearing somewhere that waste companies get annoyed if you dispose of strong acids and alkalines in their equipment without telling them it's anything other than solid waste. Maybe he's just assuming that the lye and acid will neutralize each other---though that's a bit of a long shot, since he admits he doesn't know what most of this stuff is. (He's the customer service manager....doesn't deal much with maintenance).

I told him I had concerns about the disposal.

He told me "Don't worry about it." Twice, actually, when I didn't drop the subject the first time.

I just feel like this could be bad, and get us in a lot of trouble.
I think I'm going to call the number on the dumpster after work today and ask their opinion. Maybe I'm just overly cautious and totally overreacting, but I'd rather know.

It's a little annoying that calling the waste company and asking if we did something bad is probably going to get us in more trouble than just throwing away 10 gallons of this stuff. On the other hand, if my supervisor cared about the regulations, he probably wouldn't have cut me off when I suggested asking if what we are doing is legal.

If anyone here knows about this stuff, please give me some advice.

And, back to the original point--if anyone wants any of this stuff, let me know now because I'm quite sure work is never going to offer me anything again if I make this phone call and they get in trouble.
* citrus heavy duty hand soap
* concrete cleaner
* Heavy Duty foaming Phosphoric Acid cleaner
* Virucidal/fungucidal spray
* Compressed air duster spray things for electronics
* Upholstry cleaner
* Drain clearer
Take it to the dump and leave it where they dispose of Gasoline, Oil, Batteries, Antifreeze etc.

It might cost you $3 though.
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