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Made it home safe

About 1/4 mile on the second trail, I managed to have the front tire wash out on me and send me flying to the right. The bad part of it was that I landed head first against a nice earth berm. I think my EXO-400 has reached the end of it's lifetime now. I have a good headache but otherwise feel fine.

Scratched the crash bars again, broke the right hand guard, right turn signal and managed to crack the glass in the right mirror. When I was leaving the bike I somehow managed to turn on the hazard lights which I thought was a neat trick.

After the nice man with the KLR hack helped me get my self and my bike standing, I decided that it was time to quit and go home. Had to power wash myself along with the wee, when I got to the car wash.

You can see exactly how I landed by the mud on the helmet.

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