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" Fortunately I have a trainer and can pop off the front wheel and mount the bike in it. I surmise I'm looking at 8 weeks before doing this?"

10 Days after my ankle surgery I bought a exercise bike and started doing 10 minutes with no resistance, then elevation and ice to stop the swelling - building up every day a little longer.
I found it a good way of excercising and keeping the weight off the ankle also good for keeping the pounds off.
Stretching and getting the ankle moving is so important as all the ligiments/tendons get shorter and need stretched to get the movement back.

I think everybodys injury is going to different and recovery also.
It took me 12 weeks just to able to walk on a smooth road, 16 weeks to walk on an uneven surface, slowly.
Balancing on one leg is really difficult for the first 6 months.

Hardware Removal.
I didnt recover properly until I got the metal work out, as I mentioned in my first reply.
Dont worry about it as they will want to wait a year before taking it out, if you need it out.
Many people leave the screws and plate in and never notice.
Best of luck.
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