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Here is how I have addressed your list for my riding conditons:

1. Bash plate, KTM hard parts -- excellent fit and inexpensive, makes oil change easy on long rides

2. Extended fuel tank forward - KTM offers a nice extended range tank. Bike gets excellent fuel mileage and with the hard parts tank should get easily 150+ miles per tank

3. Extended fuel tank aft - Easy to carry an extra two 1 liter bottles with the Wolfman enduro bags

4. Luggage rack system - I mounted a modified large fanny pack on the rear fender that will carry all my tools and a spare tube. Also have the Wolfman enduro bags. For longer rides plan to adapt my Dirtbagz and the Berg Briggs mounts from my 530.

5. Weather proof soft panniers for rack -- I have the Wolfman enduro bags although not waterproof the dry bags I put inside the bags are. Plan on adapting my dirtbagz and Berg Briggs mounts for my old 530 for those really long rides

6. Radiator brace - Not needed with the KTM larger tank.

7. Heated grips - Been using the symtec with a sicass headlight switch. Hi/lo used normally for the lights power the grips hi/lo and the horn toggles the odo between modes.

8. Bar risers - Using the KTM vibration dampened bar mounts with risers.

9. Head lights - Wired KTM EU switch that allows lights off (good for days using heated gear) regular lights on and regular lights on with Trail Tech HID mounted on Ram Ball carried in tank bag. Head light is 690E light. Very nice light with wide pattern.

10. Windshield, DS - Using KTM windshield for 690E mask. In additon, have mounted with KTM hard parts road book carrier. Allows the GPS to be mounted above the odo for ease of reading and for safety reasons. GPS mounted using Touratech Mvg vibration dampners adapted to the roadbook carrier

11. Seat - No doubt about it the Seat Concepts-- nice seat that allows both comfort for trail riding and adventure riding

12. Subframe of composite with integrated rack - Wolfman Enduro bags solve much of these issues but also there is the dirtbagz Ranger bags with the Berg Briggs mounts from my 530 that will be adapted. Not waterproof but good for days of riding

13. Handguards - Cyro guards with Sicass defectors with integrated turn signals

14. Fuel tank side bags - Figure not needed for rides I do. With the larger tank and a couple of fuel cells easy to get over 200 miles

There are probably more items I will discover along the way but that is enough for now.

These include -- Axle pulls for easy tire changes, Balanced wheels with steel sprockets, proper gearing, Easily removed mirrors, desmogged, small tank bag, Revalved suspension
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