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I saw a Moto Guzzi (Piaggio is their parent company) Breva 1100 at a dealer that had a red seat. It was a red bike too. The black seat that came on it was borrowed for a black Norge that they sold, which came from M.G. with a red seat -- they sold that bike, but the buyer wanted a black seat, so they swapped 'em. A black seat was already on order for the Breva, which, as the dealer acknowledged, look ridiculous, but looked more ridiculous with no seat at all.
Yeah there is a picture on the cover of this month's Cycle World in which the featured Guzzi has a brown seat- that bike actually looks good in my opinion. A red seat and the corresponding plastic will turn.......PINK if left in the sun too long. That's not the reason I don't like the red seat but it is something else to think about. I bought an old beat up Toyota Tercel years ago that was red but was faded to pink. I actually detailed that old thing back to red to stop the "pink" comments from friends and my brother-in-law.
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