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Originally Posted by 22manyrides View Post
OK, The swap is done and I've got 'bout 45 miles on her. Still making final adjustments.
The clutch slips and I wanted to get the collective assesment/trouble shoot.
Here's the facts as I know them;
1981 motor
Clutch is working fine, disengaging, engaging, shifting, ect.
Has proper freeplay at lever...did adjust her at rod...
At about 4,500-5,000 rpm I can get a slip if I'm pushing it.
I thought I felt slippage when the motor was in the test bike and I was going up+down the block.
Now that she's in a registered bike and I can really run it, I'm sure it slips.

Previous owner had it a long time and rode 16,000 miles. Bike has sat alot over the years.
Never been rebuilt, stock stuff.
PO had an oil change when he put it up for's clean, I have not touched it yet.

So, I'll have to remove the right side cover, (wanted to polish it anyway).
I have read that stock clutch springs loose their strength.
Honestly though, I have never had a clutch problem or slippage on any of the 650 motors I've abused over the years, (much abuse!)

So...I'll get her fixed up, but wondered about the trials+tribulations others have had, and what to look for.
Could just be a need for new springs and addressing some glazed plates, could be the oil.
Just going through that process now, towing a trailer [150kg+] probably didn't help,
I had heavy duty MikesXS springs [which I now consider stuffed!], new steel plates / new fibre plates, this combo did 45K kms before packing it in.
Conditions were;
1. hot day, heavy traffic [lots of red lights going though Canberra - 20kms],
2. heavy load, trailer / two-up
3. added a different oil in a top-up [probably had additives in it!]
4. 45,000kms [mostly hard, lot of off-road enduro stuff]

Now replacing with [new];- Kevlar type fibre plates, steel plates, heavy duty springs & clutch cable.
heavy spring make for a heavy clutch pull so will be lengthening the actuator arm @ bottom of cluth cable on left-hand side of the motor.
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