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Originally Posted by hunter_greyghost View Post
Just going through that process now, towing a trailer [150kg+] probably didn't help,
I had heavy duty MikesXS springs [which I now consider stuffed!], new steel plates / new fibre plates, this combo did 45K kms before packing it in.
Conditions were;
1. hot day, heavy traffic [lots of red lights going though Canberra - 20kms],
2. heavy load, trailer / two-up
3. added a different oil in a top-up [probably had additives in it!]
4. 45,000kms [mostly hard, lot of off-road enduro stuff]

Now replacing with [new];- Kevlar type fibre plates, steel plates, heavy duty springs & clutch cable.
heavy spring make for a heavy clutch pull so will be lengthening the actuator arm @ bottom of cluth cable on left-hand side of the motor.
Baza, your scenario must put as much stress on the old 650 clutch as a rocket booster!
That said...
Mikes XS heavy duty springs...
why are they considered toast now? have you measured their strength?
I read in the 650garage not to get those, and to get the ones from 650 central.

On plates, I had read that most of the fiber plates still spec out for people looking into a repair, it's the glazing.

Just looking for tips and tricks to think about while I'm going to have to go in there anyway...
Like the starter upgrade? My old batt didn't have enough cranking amps left in her. Just got a new one and am going to ride next. But...
Have done a test start in the garage and it still tends to turn a bit slower than I'd like, and sometimes disengages.
too many...
I have completely lost count

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