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Originally Posted by 22manyrides View Post
Baza, your scenario must put as much stress on the old 650 clutch as a rocket booster!
That said...
Mikes XS heavy duty springs...
why are they considered toast now? have you measured their strength?
I read in the 650garage not to get those, and to get the ones from 650 central.

On plates, I had read that most of the fiber plates still spec out for people looking into a repair, it's the glazing.

Just looking for tips and tricks to think about while I'm going to have to go in there anyway...
Like the starter upgrade? My old batt didn't have enough cranking amps left in her. Just got a new one and am going to ride next. But...
Have done a test start in the garage and it still tends to turn a bit slower than I'd like, and sometimes disengages.
Maybe brushes in the starter are a bit on the worn side, I have to do mine in 'Kenny' too while I've got the motor out, couldn't get new brushes last time I looked in MikesXS - out of stock, thanks for the reminder!
The disengaging is probably the starter cogs & spring in behind the clutch basket, check it out while you're in there, get them from MikesXS too
As for the springs, I'm just thought I'd wack new ones in & chuck the olds into the spares bin after checking their tension - good for a solo ride if needed, could always do the 'old' trick of packing washers in to get out of trouble,
Yep, that extra weight sure tests an XS out, still pulls like a train though!
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