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Originally Posted by Grinnin View Post
I use a mineral-salt "rock" at home and take a year-old "rock" when I travel. The one I carry is about the size and shape of half a golf ball.

I find these rocks (some call them crystals) work for me. They irritate some people's skin and for other people they are not strong enough. By wetting the thing I can get enough salt on my skin to keep the odor-causing bacteria at bay.
I don't have a clue what this is, but thanks for the heads up. I might look into it.

Originally Posted by freeflow View Post
gel sticks seem to hold up to heat for me...even he sample sizes. don;t last as long, but don;t melt either.
I differentiate between "stick" deodorant and "gel" deodorant. I generally use the stick variety at home. That's what I've tried to carry on the road, but they tend to melt. I never thought about using gel, as I'm not a fan of that cold gooey feeling when I put it on, but it probably solves the issue with melting.
Originally Posted by acejones View Post
I'msouth of you on the coast. I've never had any problems with gel sticks melting. Maybe it's a brand specific problem.
As above, perhaps gel is the way to go. This past summer I took a couple of trips with 100F temps and found my deodorant stick had melted inside the packagine, rendering it pretty useless. It might be related to brand, as I only tried one brand, though I can't remember brand that was now.

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