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Originally Posted by Thumpermeister View Post
I remember viewing some WTC video with friends a few years back, expecting them to be blown away by the talent in that series. While partly true, there was also as much "dude, get on with it" feedback...
IS this "feedback" you speak of, not just another example of the ADHT society we have? Like they could watch and appreciate golf? "Dude, hit the friggin ball already, WTF?"


I bet the Evil Knievel jumps pissed them off as a kid too? All that fking around ride up the ramp, go back, race up and then past it, do wheelies, wave, sit there and reve the engine...

Holy crap, I cant think of anything but Call of Duty (MW3) that could possibly keep that mentality constantly entertained, for each second of each minute of each hour... I dunno, maybe it is just me and my age.

THis is the big reason why motocross is so easily entertaining, Money buys speed, & speed thrills. Plus like trials, the good guys, with the millions no less, they make it look so much easier... and you know, we all know, you jump on a motocross bike or a hopped up quad, and nobody has to tell you, "dude, your a fast SOB on that thing." We all feel it, we all been there, we've got to be faster than anyone on here, see me? Even though for the last hour you have only raced up and down the parkinglot in the campground area...

Naw, the other problem is, absolutely none, nada, zero appreciation for what it takes to bounce and hop that bike, and to hold your self at balance standing still, while tiptoing on a pile of rocks, or 12ft in the air... To be able to calm yourself, gather up the courage to throw yourself off, up, or over some obstacle, that nobody can climb without the bike, with inches to spare, I mean inches.

This is why golf is a learned appreciation, usually by people that finally notice details, and can somehow appreciate all the things affecting any shot at play, & mostly because for 14-20 bucks in green fees and a borrowed set of clubs, you can find out how freaking easy Tiger made it all look. In reality if I hit a golfball, I have to just pray the som-beyotch ends up within the confines of the golf course, else I just lost another 4 dollar golfball.

90% of the riders and the feedback crowd you probably watched the vid with, cant race by the truck (in camp no less) 3 times within 3 feet of the last pass... yeah, there was no appreciation of the work it took, skills involved, in our ADHT society, everyone knows damn well it just takes money not skill to get the best, THE FASTEST, or fanciest of anything.

I half expected in the paragraph you posted one of them boys, would say "sheeeeit, I can do that, watch this." which if you look on yooooutube, there are a lot of friggin videos of people that said "hold my beer and watch this" lol.

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