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Originally Posted by Sting32 View Post
Like they could watch and appreciate golf?
Yikes, how about bowlng or curling too? If that is our non-motorized equivalent then the sport of trials in deep trouble!
Instead of looking for a lowest common denominator to compare ourselves to, or outright dismissing criticism of the spectacle trials is (or isn't) as "wrong", we should address it. We need to broaden the appeal of our motorsport to that of actual riding instead of boing, boing, boing on the spot! Sure there is skill involved there, as is standing on your head while riding! Hardly the point. There's no denying that observed trials has lost ground in prestige and participation in the modern era, versus other motorcycle sports. Not changing anything isn't going to stop that.

The renewed interest and participation many clubs have reported after switching to no stop rules speaks for itself and seems to have found momentum. It's not only an issue of section difficulty and rider inclusion but also of one's vision of our sport. As mentioned earlier, is this sport stunt riding or time-honored off-road competition?

Let's look a little closer to our sport for comparison. Are we the off-road equivalent of THIS?

OR This?

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