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Originally Posted by Chris S View Post
Check out my what I call my 'GSR500' here.
Been at it two and a half years, but only the back wheel and gearing to sort out now.

DR front like you, but 19" Excels both ends like a flat tracker, so one spare does both. (I watched On Any Sunday at a vulnerable moment ;-)

Have you heard of the SV650 shock trick? Get's the back up to match a DR front end.

Good luck with your build. Looks like you're working it all out.

There are some terrific machines in this SARequired section - my sorts of bikes!

Chris S
this is great! good to know that someone else out there has taken this path and found the little 500 to be the right choice. I had planned on using the SV650 rear shock. I didn't realize that you have to drill it out, so that's very good to know. In addition to the lift, I think it also gets you about another 1.5" of travel.

Since I think its pertinent here, and I'm curious, can you share the details of your front end swap? It looks like you used the earlier (Pre 95?)DR650, which from what I've found, should be pretty straight forward.

To answer some other questions, I did think about welding material to the GS500 stem, but couldn't do that easily myself. In the end, I have the ability to have a new stem CNC'd pretty easily, so I'm taking that route. here is the model just for reference of the DR650 stem shortened for use in the GS500. we should find some time to get it turned in the next couple weeks. I have the actual solidworks file as well. If anyone needs it, PM me and I can email it over.

Also, good to know on the DR350 rear wheel. I'm kind of looking at the rear, aside from the shock, as phase 2.

A few thoughts on design of the stem: I purchased 12" of 1.25" 7075 T651 aluminum. It's a heat treated, stress relieved, high strength aluminum. The drawing shows it hollow, but I plan on leaving it solid. It's 17mm shorter in length than the original DR stem, and I'm using the same OD's as the DR650, so it theoretically should have a better column strength and be generally stronger. If anything, it's the neck of the frame that might experience an increased load.

I'll get some pictures of the finished part once we're done.
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