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Originally Posted by larrylarry75 View Post
If I were to travel as I do in the states and a number of other countries I'd take exits that look interesting; the net result of which is I'm often riding in areas that I haven't a clue about.
Bingo !!! that is about the best way to SEE Mexico . ....And I would add that if you stay off big highways you don't even need to take "an exit".
Highway number signs are used in a somewhat capricious fashion. You can be many kilometers from major federal highway #XX and suddenly come to a sign on the state or federal highway saying #XX. This is just done as a service , a reminder that the road you are on actually does eventually join with #XX
Leaving Guadalajara west the signs for Mex 15 will direct you to Tijuana and Nogales but farther down the road Nogales i s only mentioned off and on and other towns along the route get juggled about.This again is the reason for making up your own little "route sheet" with the expected towns in order so you won't have an anxiety fit .
As for getting mazed in city streets that is the reason for carrying a compass. Look at your map and find the compass direction of which way you want to head out of town and just find a street , any street, which moves you in that direction.
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