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Originally Posted by Sting32 View Post
Holy crap, I cant think of anything but Call of Duty (MW3) that could possibly keep that mentality constantly entertained, for each second of each minute of each hour... I dunno, maybe it is just me and my age.
Same here! Unfortunately we are in the era of instant gratification and the two minute attention span. That does not bode well for trials, which of course is "hard"! The status quo is fine for our old gurd, but I'm not optimistic about the future. As we all know, it takes time and patience to get good at trials, something that today seems to be in short supply. Also, where a novice roadracer, MXer or enduro rider can at least ride the same course as his heros, a similar trials rider is constantly reminded of his or her patheticness...riding the "bunny hills" of the sport, at least initially. Also, many newbies are sadly more interested in demonstrating how good they are rather then asking how to get better!

That said, we can pat ourselves on the back for being so much "better" then those attitudes...and hop and bounce around with a dwindling handfull of old experts. We can watch the sport become further obscure, or try to do somethiong about it. No question, by nature the challenge is never going to completely go away in this sport, but what I like about the no-stop rules as noted earlier is the attempt to "bridge the gap" between the extremes of talent somewhat, moving the focus from stunting to riding while adding a user friendly element which has struck a chord for many organizations. We can argue all day about how exactly to "fix" the sport...but "nothing succeeds like success" and there's no denying someone is onto something here. The best riders will always prevail and the imporant elements won't change. It seems however many who have switched over have already found some to speak! It might only be a start.
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