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Originally Posted by larryboy View Post
I think Jeff had kids and that freak crash where his car somehow got into the only gap in the inside wall really threw him off his game. What track was that? It was out here, Fontana or Vegas? I forget. It was nasty and at the time Jeff said he wouldn't be driving a car there again if they didn't fix the track.?

I think the crash that Jimmy had this year really threw him off his game too. The soft wall safer car generation haven't ever really had bad crashes and I think it scares the hell out of them when they do.?
I think you have something there. That seems to be the measure of a driver, how they come back after a hard hit. I've heard the old timers say, "that so and so is a good young driver, but let's see what happens after he gets in a bad wreck." The wreck Gordon had was extremely violent, and the Johnson one was eerily reminiscent of Dale, Sr. It is a credit to the cars design, track improvements and their intestinal fortitude that they climb back in, but it does tend to take the starch out of some drivers.

Originally Posted by larryboy View Post
Did you guys see pics of Robby Gordons trophy truck that he rolled at 130 mph in this years Baja 1k? I wish that guy could land a better deal in Nascar as I think he's the only real badass in the field. I mean who else in Nascar has thrown themselves out of a moving Indy car while on fire, done the funky chicken in the grass putting out the human fire, then climbed back in the same car and tried to get the safety crew to bump start him?
Gordon has been in good equipment before. He spent a few years at RCR, but didn't do much with the opportunity. He can drive anything, but it seems that he suffers from the desire to drive everything all the time. He doesn't seem to concentrate on one series and maybe loses focus?
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