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None of that matters in the least - the angular surfaces are just one design element, what matters at the end is execution and the whole. All the Husq bikes have a similar design language, with flat, opaque surfaces.

The Atzek was awkward, goofy and disproportionate. The Nuda is exactly the opposite; it is essential, minimal and it suggests lightweight and agility. It is essential for the brand to continue the development of their identity. These are the cues the bike's intended audience is supposed to pick up on, and I am guessing that audience is not you.
It matters greatly, I disagree completely that it doesn't matter. The design elements are born from the same aesthetic and style. There are quite a few similarities in their surfaces and sculpture.

Of course the Aztec is a bloated dated exercise in stealth design compared to a decade+ newer motorcycle design. For whatever it's worth I'll agree it's already a stretch to compare a motorcycle's design to an auto. But that doesn't mean they're not from the same style animal, or from the same visual ideation. They share design cues pure and simple. like looking at the resemblance in an old man and his grandchild. But a family look nonetheless.

BTW many good design (transportation) houses have figured out that constantly changing faces for as you say - -
essential for the brand to continue the development of their identity
- - isn't such a great idea. This is why you can tell a Mercedes or a BMW, Volvo, Saab, Fiat, etc from a mile away... Whether it's from the 1960s or today - you can tell the brand. You actually see it's lineage, it's family features. This is the failure in most Japanese design. They're constantly chasing someone else's look or trend aesthetic. So they look completely different every 10 years. People (as a whole) seem to like timeless more so then trendiness.
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