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Originally Posted by jdgretz View Post
I can't comment on the Kawasaki selections as I've either never ridden them, or they hold no interest to me. The top four shoot for the same demographic and are all similar - I'd add the NT700 in there as well although it is a smaller displacement bike, it is very practical for most needs. Obviously since I own a Norge, that is my preference. I rode the R1200RT and found it a bit boring - it works well but didn't excite me - that and the rear drive issue had me a bit concerned. The ST1300 is nice and smooth, good support, Honda reliability, etc. The FJR just felt wrong to me - I can't really put a finger on it but it is what it is. Many folks love them, and the Iron Butt folks find they work very well for that. The Norge is an excellent all around bike. The biggest shortcoming is the lack of dealer support. If you're not prepared to do some wrenching on your own, probably ought to steer clear of the Guzzi. There's not much that needs doing on a regular basis, but unless you are near a good dealer, you need to be pretty sufficient. The on-line Guzzi community is very helpful but they can't turn the wrench for you.

Your last three are great standard in-the-wind kind of bikes. If you are looking for wind protection, electric vest, etc., I doubt any of those will work for you. The Guzzi V7 is a great bike - lots of fun around town and a good commuter, but I probably would not want to do 300+ mile days on one. It's relatively small, which might be a deciding factor for you however. The Bonnie is a bit larger and has 100cc on the V7. Probably a better bet if you're doing longer days. If it's around town, playing in the canyons, the V7 will hang in there with the best of them. Looking at the specs won't tell the whole story - take one for a spin and you'll see for yourself.

If you like Italian motorcycles, give Moto International in Seattle, WA a call and talk to Dave. He may still have that '10 V7 for $7.5. He also has some '07. '08, and '09 Norges with full warranties for between $9K and $10K.

Thanks for the advice. I have had a couple of friends make mostly the same reccomendations.
Not trying to screw up the thread, just misunderstood what it was about. Sorry.
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