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Despite the fact that this has been attempted, before, I still find the concept very interesting...especially the whole "fun" option. Like the elusive "mid-size adventure bike", I feel it's an idea that has choked, in the past...but, nonetheless, an idea whose time has come.

For a few of us, "Dakar" (or any other Rally, for that matter) will never be a possibility. Plus, at this point in the game (I'm 41), the only thing I should be training for is Happy Hour. However, despite that, I would still love the opportunity to be exposed to the Rally an actual RIDER.

My personal limitations would be this...

1. Many, in this section of the Forum, are already racers. The last time I rode an offroad motorcycle, competitively, I was 13.

2. For the last two years, it seems as though I merely glance at my 300, and wind-up in the Emergency Room.

3. Genetics being as they are...some folks are built for speed, some for comfort. I am a member of the latter.

As you glance into the future (and ponder this idea), could you foresee taking-on a student such as myself? Just a thought...

Either way, I think it's a great idea, and wish you all the best in this endeavor.

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