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Originally Posted by Thumpermeister View Post
The renewed interest and participation many clubs have reported after switching to no stop rules speaks for itself and seems to have found momentum. It's not only an issue of section difficulty and rider inclusion but also of one's vision of our sport. As mentioned earlier, is this sport stunt riding or time-honored off-road competition?

Let's look a little closer to our sport for comparison. Are we the off-road equivalent of THIS?
OR This?
Ok, what clubs reporting increase again? Seriously!

I again stress to you, believe non of what you "though you heard" and half of what you see.

And I add, if you need or feel the USA needs NO-STOP, there is (as apple says) an App for that, ALREADY.. I mean an organization, ITSA and ARHMA.

Do we really need to take trials back to the stone ages, to make people think it would be better? Shit no. I rode in the 70's through now. I ride a billion times better than I was, even though I ride in a lower class than I ever made it (my plateau as it were) to in my youth...

And, I picked the GOLF I did, as it is EASILY accessed, anyone with a few hours, can borrow or rent clubs, and hit that tiny little ball. and likely been tried by most people, once in thier life. Not because they were our equal, per se... But wouldnt it be kewl if trials was on TV every, we had multimillion dollar fortune 500 companies wanting to advertize on it, week like golf does? Nobody does today, thanks to ADD/ADHT mentality though, becuase with X-Box you can buy or find cheats to unlock anything, No real skill or thinking ability required. Look it up, nobody does the puzzle solving types of the same types/genre of games, becuase it requires work, and practice to explore those types of games. It is a completely totally different type of mentality, which is also sort of peer pressured into being mainstream.

Lastly, if the "big bucks" ever does find trials, I guarantee you the per event costs to riders and spectator, will increase 500%. and I cannot say if it will be bigger.

Trials riding mentality, is so different, unless you are going to aspire to be the Numeral Uno of the USA/WOrld in our sport. I ride becuase I LOVE the idea of:
--- It is me and what I brought with me (preperation, skills, bike and how I take care of it) against the difficulty of the sections today. And little bit about comradery, I love riding with my best buddys in and or out of my class, each pushing and helping each other, like me I am a zealot, Ill help if I think you will listen. When it is all about dollars and sponsors, it is a JOB, and the shareing will die with it, unless you have money.
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