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The real trick in doing this is going to be two-fold. First making it so I don't lose my shirt in doing it because as anyone who has tried to do this before will attest, it takes massive amounts of preperation to just be set up to teach this type of class. And second making sure the course fits the wide skill and aspiration levels of the students. I can teach all levels but when it comes to the speed riders are looking to ride at, then there will be a large differance which I would not want to effect the quality of the training or become unsafe at any time.

I am lucky because I already have a facility that does rider training in a perfect location for this and that makes it somewhat easier. I already have a program developed that I used myself, trained a few other guys with and have refined over the years.

I have some really good contacts to help out and I'm looking to see what is possible. I have some feelers out on rental bikes and also on routes and logistical support as well.

I'm sure as Dakar gets closer and interest peaks there will be more interest as well but it is nice to know that there is this much already. It is looking pretty positive.
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