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Went to Paricutin volcano, or at least I tried to at first. I stopped at the Pemex station to get fuel and get directions to Paritcutin. The fuel transfer engineer says ďsiĒ and points toward a small town. While Iím leaving a man waves at me and yells ďParicutinĒ. I give him the thumbs up and keep on going. I ride the mile or so into town on really rough cobblestone roads, and slow down to look for the way to the visitor center. Almost immediately I hear hooves on the rocks next to me. WTF? The guy from the gas station is on a horse riding next to me.!! I didnít exactly go slow to get here. He must of rode all out to catch up to me. I stop to find out what he wants. Turns out he wants to guide me on his horse to the volcano. I tell him no thanks, that Iíll just ride there, and off I go. I wander around the town for awhile in a maze of dead end one way streets, and end up back at the town square. Itís a tourist destination, right? How about a sign or two? Anyway, the horse guy is at the town square, so I pay him to guide me through the maze to the visitor center.
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