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The “visitor center” is actually a closed restaurant on a hill overlooking the valley with the Paricutin cinder cone, the lava flows and the remnants of the church. I can see that the church that I want to see is on the edge of the lava flow next to a road and some houses. I ask a different guide if I can ride the moto through the roads to the church (with extensive help of Jibbigo Spanish-english translator on my ipod). He looks at the moto and me skeptically and says “si” We negotiate a price by writing different numbers on my map. Eventually we get to about $3 to guide me out there on the bike, and about $3 for him to watch the moto while I walk to the church. So off we go. We are on a hill, remember? The way down the hill is a mix between a four wheel drive road and a mule trail. It takes all the dirt biking skill I have and then some luck to keep the overloaded KLR upright going down the hill. I realize about half way down that it’s going to be impossible to ride back up this. Oh well, I made it this far, and I’ll worry about how to get out later. Church first, tow truck later.
Once in the valley, the roads turn to soft volcanic ash/sand. I’m getting a great workout trying to keep the front end from washing out, and keeping the KLR moving forward. Come on ME880 cruiser tire, dig into that sand with your wimpy rain grooves.
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