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Morena....the scariest little town in Mexico....

I come across the first part of a small town where there is a bunch of tires and concrete laying in the road blocking one lane (imagine that!! Crap in the road is common here in Mexico.) A little further there is a gate across the road (looks like a railroad crossing gate), with normal citizens manning the gate. Weird, I expected some sort of government official at the gate. There are sandbags and concrete rubble and tires all around blocking things to one lane. They wave me through and off I go into the small town. In downtown, there is an abandoned, junk yard looking truck blocking my lane. The other side of the road has more concrete and junk yard looking stuff blocking it in places too. There is some sort of sign hanging on the abandoned truck. WTF??? This is not good at all. I am way off the tourist path,on a mountain backroad, in the area where the drugs come in from Colombia, in a town that has a gate on the outside of town, and junkyard remnants blocking the road. Iím not getting a warm and fuzzy feeling here. I stop to quickly take a photo, all the while thinking I need to get the f#ck out of here. I look around while taking the photo and all people there have stopped what they are doing and are looking at me. All of a sudden, I am really regretting taking the back roads through the mountains. I sooo want to be back on the tourist path right now. Címon, overloaded KLR, donít fail me now. Itís time to goÖ.fast. On the way out of town, there is another gate with sandbags, rubble and itís all blocked down to one lane. Adios, scary little back woods mexico town,Ö.
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