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Holland Track & Lake Ballard -West Australia

Howdy Y'all,
First proper RR - so here goes...
Well its been a long time in the planning and now its done.
I made the pannier racks and the wind screen, fitted the safari tank and steering damper and learned how to navigate the byzantine Garmin GPS menus - AusTOPO maps are brilliant though.
Little WRR was faultless and perfect for the tough track conditions. Only 1 little off going slow through , of course, bloody sand.
Travelling companions were Guy and Scott in his tricked Suzuki Jimny. Met at Karlgarin Sunday October 17 and stayed at Tressies in a cabins they have there on a working farm. Hit the road early on Monday and visited Mulkas Cave and Wave Rock then hit the Holland Track. Stayed on the Track, Menzies and Mukinbudin. Lake Ballard & the Gormley Sculptures Installation (Inside Australia) are truly surreal and quite brilliant. 1700 odd kays in total in 5 days. Im sure i missed alot but it was for me a rec'ee run and riding was the object. It was quite mint. Weather was very favourable the whole time. The country was looking just beautiful that time of year - spring time down in Aussie. Amazing what a little bit of rain will do in this country.

The Route

The Man & the history

Bike unladen. I made those racks - 12mm x 1.2mm steel tube & powdercoated. $70 worth of materials and about $500 of my time

I made this....& yes, its held on with velcro. Worked mint!

THE best last minute mod....

....more surface area....for sand stands

Left pannier, fuel water, tools

Right pannier - food, water, stuff

Freebee Tatonka & PICO chair. Highly recommended.

Packed up

and good to go YFF's

That'll be good for cutting by the time i get home. Im heading that way up through the hills

Up through the hills

Across into the range

Out into the wheatbelt

Past Albert Faceys house, (A Fortunate Life). I have a very fortunate life indeed.
If ever your feeling down in the dumps, have a read of his memoir A Fortunate Life. You wont believe what this guy lived through and still thought himself fortunate. You'll get a reality check - for sure

Stopping for fuel

Met my travelling companions at "Tressies" @ Karlgarin. Highly recommended.

Scott - its his Jimny. Good rig!

Guy - general all round good bloke and knows lots about lots!

I love this stuff

Monday morning - time to go

Nice crops all the way through the SW of WA up to that point. Late rains caused havoc to this years crops though. A real shame

Flowers are brilliant this time of year

Mulkas Cave.....near Hyden

Wave Rock @ Hyden

On the road. Bloody windy....

Last minute stuff

Start of the Holland Track........bloody sand. I love my steering damper.

Mt Holland - lots of flies

We're heading that way. Cant imagine cutting a track through that by hand

Surprise!.....see the little guy at the base?

....well, we met the rest of his little mates just a few clicks down the track. Having a marvelous time they were!

That was a highlight.

End of the Track. Only 1 nights camp @ Cat Camp and then off to Coolgardie for fuel then the blast thru to Menzies

1 night in Menzies,.....everyone should do it at least once. Bizarre is not the right word There was once 55000 people here - all the gold was mined out and only the alcho's and crazies remained. It seems to be a magnet for eccentric types too. A trip highlight for sure for lots of the wrong reasons.

Dress standards arent too high - lucky for us.

These things travel in convoys of 3 (complete rigs) fueling a whole bunch of gold mines

Fully auto gas station in Menzies - high security - no service - cool signs and memorabilia

Something there for everyone

Lake Ballard - Antony Gormleys' Inside Australia. Google it. Very Surreal, fits in with the whole outback thing and Menzies in particular. A Highlight.

Guy liked this one did I

Shot by Scott

Canon set to Vivid.....but does look like this

Awesome colours - wished id stopped to take more photo's of the wildflowers actually. They were truly spectacular.

I stopped here for the boys for awhile but couldnt wait.

I had to go this way for a night @ the Mukinbudin Pub

Out of the bush......

Back into the Wheatbelt.
See how the even the sides of the roads in WA are paved with gold - We're RICH man!!

Down out of the range

Past the City

.....& back home

"......Yeah Honey, you can come next time"

Thats the sum total since Sunday arvo thru to Thursday arvo. A good trip

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