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A few things Chris didn't mention but I will.

1) This didn't just happen in a few weeks or a few months. Chris has been working on these things (for his own use) for several years, and this is about major revision 5. Between us, we have thousands of miles on them, which initially led to improvements, but lately has been confirming durability.

2) All of the other options I'm aware of, require welding to the frame. Once set up, a competent mechanic can install and remove this thing in about an hour. So, you can race an enduro on Sunday and go for a big DS ride during the week.

3) It's amazing to me what a difference taller gearing and wind protection make in how I perceive the bike. 70mph on the stock machine is kinda tiring- windy, noisy, vibey. 70mph with a fairing and 14/46 (or so) gearing, feels like all day comfort. You can really have two bikes in one.

4) You can get a GS or LC8 just about anywhere, but neither of them compare to the feeling of riding a really light bike. A 450 or 530 set up with this kit rewards aggression off-road, can annihilate singletrack and gnarly jeep road just as well as smooth cruiser miles. As good as a 950 is, when the going gets rough, it shows it's weight. That's where a bike set up with this kit shines.
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