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Goran, beautiful work there, is there now any unwanted flex in the bars due to the elevation gained that you weren't expecting? I put the Rox Rizers on my bike using the 7/8" to 1 1/8" model so that I could put on Fat Bars and I did notice that there was more flex, I assume that it's due to the leverage gained with the increase in elevation and the rubber type (xxx not sure what their called xxx) where the bar clamps attach to the top of the triple clamps.

Here is a question for the masses, well more for the addicted experts. I have as near as I can tell a wonderful ground up restored 1990 RD04 but the previous owner manipulated the head stamp and engine numbers also removed the VIN badge on the right side of the frame. Currently the numbering says that the bike is a 1983 XLV RD01, Frame Stamp RD01-1000035/Engine stamp RD01E-1000047. Now when I was doing the restoration job on the bike I noticed in the workshop manual, in the schematic pages that for the different countries there were quite a few differences between the bikes. Some had single headlights on in low beam and some had both on and there were also different arrangements for various relays in the wiring harness that was under the instrument panel (speedo and tach). My question is, is there any way to definitively determine what bike I have? An L, M or N model. Now I know that there isn't alot of differances between the three models, I would just like to know what bike I have, personal reasons, I want to know what to call her. I have really grown to love this bike, great ride, some off roading as well, a little rusty on my part but that's my fault still getting used to the weight, easy to work on, this was my first attempt at doing a restoration, I only put 18km on her bringing her home after the purchase was final, then the restoration started, painted frame, engine, misc parts, new waterproof electrical connectors, R/R, Leo Vince can, pivot pegs, HID bulbs, seals, bearings etc, etc. Any way great bike, love it and the wife does too which is a plus.

Thanks in advance for any help that is provided.

p.s. sorry about the font, everything went crazy once I did a cut and paste.
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