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Originally Posted by Xeraux View Post

I have two sets of the ER6is. And yes, they're certainly not bad in the comfort category, my (not the same place as the guy who goes by "Ear, Inc." at rallies) custom earbuds are even more comfortable and still isolate 29-30dB. I keep the ER6i's in my tankbag as a backup, but since getting my custom monitors, I haven't used the ER6is.
I tried custom molded ear plugs (no audio), made at the BMW rally in TN a couple of years ago by these guys: Seems like the same company?

To be fair, they did say that making them on-site would result in slightly stiffer product, and the softer molds would be better but would take a couple of weeks. I took the on-the-spot, cheaper option and was never happy with them. They would often become leaky during a ride, not all that comfortable, and are quite stiff and hard to insert and remove. Others here on this forum have said to wear the helmet while the mold is curing, which I didn't.

So, given that my experience may be a get-what-you-paid-for outcome, can anyone confirm that the better molds are relatively soft, and tend to seal even over a range of temps - from cold to hot and humid?
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