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Originally Posted by munchmeister View Post

FWIW, I loved the ER6i buds but they would get very uncomfortable when used on long rides. Anybody tried these Klipsch units?

IMAGE S4 In-Ear Enhanced Bass Noise-Isolating Headphones
I like them, they're a dynamic driver rather than armature, so they have the bass they should have.

FWIW I've had the SE105, the 210, the 420, and the 530 (predecessors to the current Shure line, but essentially the same). 530's were hard to fit under a helmet, and the 210's had pretty weak bass. The S4 sounded better than both (on a bike, in motion, behind a windscreen). I still have the 210 and 530.

You get better isolation with the Shure three-flange tips than the Klipsch two-flange, but I think I can swap one in with minor surgery (and I have spares).

For me, at least, low end is what gets drowned out the most on a bike, and while the bass of the SE530s is good, it just isn't good enough.

Plus, the s4's are cheap enough that I don't worry that I'll destroy them commuting/travelling like I worried with the 530's.
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