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I start laying out the designs...

Then I drill 5/16" holes to plug weld from the rear...

Success! These pieces are very thin. I have a gauge that came with the welder, and there's a little bit of slop in the 24 gauge slot. 26 gauge maybe? I SLOWLY build up a tack from the inside. I am able to bridge the gap with one booger weld at a time. I blew through a couple pieces and had to do reconstructive surgery, but all went pretty well for not knowing what the heck I'm doing.

Rear view of the star's plug welds. I will grind these flush, prep for paint, and clean up any slag inside all at the same time.

After all welding is complete, I give everything a good inspection making sure all galvanizing compound is ground off, clean everything, and then shoot 3 coats of high-heat BBQ/stove paint that is rated for 1200 degrees F.

Done deal. Maybe I'll get lucky and she will absolutely hate it and then I can keep it for myself. Ha Ha!

I already have the next project lined up...

Turning the Swiss Cheese tractor into the Pope Mobile.

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