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Originally Posted by eastwa View Post
Ruger NMBH 44 SPL. 4 5/8" bbl, bisley frame.
I have 1K rounds of new Starline brass on hand, and a brand new MiHec H&G #503 .44 Caliber Keith brass mould staring at me. Just need to get the lead pot warmed up.
Very nice. Never manhandled a Bisley grip before. How do you like it?
Oh, and my trade was just finalized. Threw some guns up for trade on my gunboard and a guy came at me with this:

45 Colt (hee!) with a 45 ACP cylinder as well. 1976 vintage, has "MADE IN THE 200th YEAR OF AMERICAN LIBERTY" stamped on the barrel. Woulda preferred a shorter barrel, but you can't look a gift 45 Colt in the mouth I suppose....
"Democrats want my guns, Republicans want my porn. I'm not giving up either." -Johnny Ramone

Have you bought your Bill C-19 commemorative gun yet?
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