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Originally Posted by CodyY View Post
22LR update.

Functions great. Ive put about 250 down the pipe

Finish, not so tough.

Not happy about it, but don't REALLY care. It's a trainer and fun as shit.
Expecting the finish to last on the GSG 1911s is pretty much a mistake. Everywhere you look that is just about the only (and first) thing all GSG 1911 owners bitch about. But to all it isn't a biggie since you can get the entire gun cerakoated for about 100 clams, and it really doesn't matter anyway since it is a .22 trainer like you stated. Mine started wearing off before I ever shot it since I trained drawing and such for a couple days. It looked like it was a year old by the time I shot it three days after I got it. The fun factor and accuracy made up for the finish weakness!

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