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Originally Posted by zgfiredude View Post
I'm diggin' the Pope-mobile........weight and ventilation are my first two questions........bullet-proof glass can get heavy!
Don't forget the lead shielded doors!!!

In all seriousness, Curtis Cab did make a cab for this model many moons ago. They are pretty hard to find (and expensive if you do find one) so I am building this very similar to what theirs are like. The biggest expense is going to be the plexi. I'm going to try to build it light, but heavy enough to last. For ventilation, there is a fan/radiator and a mesh panel at about shin level pulling air away from me, so there shouldn't be any CO fumes, unless they slip out of a cheese hole. Plus, I want to put a small slider on each door so someone can hand me coffee and cookies as payment for doing their driveway. I accept no cash!
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