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I've pinched some Gili Trawangan photos from my daughter...

Its definitely a bit more relaxed over on Gili Trawangan when it comes to drugs... but don't believe the locals when they tell you there's no cops. I was talking to an expat bar owner there and he confirmed it. All the young local guys trying to sell me hooch were saying "no cops". No thanks guys.

I did have a couple of guys I reckon I would have trusted.... but hey, I don't like the thought of an Indonesian gaol... and I don't smoke anyhow. One was with a group of guys struggling to push a generator on a cart up the beach. I gave them a push and got things happening - I reckon I was double their weight. One of them offered me some. Another guy I spoke to a fair bit was a commission seller... selling rooms to tourists. He made $2 the day I was talking to him while I wrote up some tenders... but he did offer me some hooch and I reckon he'd multiply his earnings if he got some away.

I liked the restaurants set on the beach. Very relaxed.

Here's an interesting one. Most of the cats I've seen in Indonesia have deformed tails.

Bit worried about that daughter of mine...

Speaking of her.... we did some snorkelling

Found a turtle chomping away at the coral

It was really hammering the coral

But it wasn't at all concerned by us. I believe its in this photo somewhere - and no, that isn't my daughter....

Unfortunately, my daughter won't give me the photos I took of the topless ladies floating around just off the beach. Bugger.
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