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Originally Posted by brianwheelies View Post
Chart topper coming up!

Two weeks ago on a Sunday I was out riding my Rattler 50 in Henderson, a suburb of Las Vegas. The weather was nice that day somewhere in the mid 60's and I went as far southeast in town as I cold go.

I made it to the southeastern most point of Henderson and began my ride back. I made it to the top of some steep hills and went down them with a good head of speed. Heading back up the other side the speeds would diminish.

Heading back up one of said hills I wasn't keeping great speed so I pulled onto the shoulder to let traffic pass and they were not so I pulled into a community center parking lot to let the parade of traffic pass me. I went to the exit of the parking lot and got back onto the street and shortly thereafter I see the red rollers in my mirrors.

I pull onto the shoulder, shut down the hotrod, and am approached by the Sargent. I ask what the nature of the stop is and he ask's why I was running from him. I do a bit of a double take and chuckle asking if he was serious. He say's I pulled into the parking lot to get away from him.

I am dumbfounded and amazed this is happening in real life at this point and proceed with telling him about getting out of the way of the line of cars that were behind me.

Then the Sargent tells me he paced me going 40mph up the hill. Without a moment I told him it was physically impossible for my bike to go up the hill that fast.

He then instructs me to put my hands on the hood of the squad truck and runs my license. I haven't had a ticket in over 5 years but used to get into a lot of trouble before that. Not interested in dealing with the law anymore so I stay out of trouble.

At any rate he decides to take me to jail, have my scooter impounded, and charge me with 5 tickets.

No motorcycle license
No insurance
Failure to maintain lane
Excessive smoke
Didn't use turn signal

The bike is 49cc and legally not required to carry insurance(although I do carry full coverage because it is cheap) and the motorcycle license is not necessary either.

The bike has 2,200 miles on it and I bought it new back in July or August and it does not smoke. It will on start up until it warms and I did notice the other day when I let my friend ride it that while using Yamalube 2S it does have a slight white puff but I can't see it from the rear view mirror or by looking at the muffler while riding.

Failure to maintain lane, for moving out of the way for traffic to pass...give me a break!

I don't care about the signalling.

This douche pulls me over for one thing and then decides to write a laundry list of citations when I argue at the nonsense he is accusing me of.

This is all legal by the way. A police officer can cite you for things you didn't do and it will be your word against theirs in court and they can take you to jail even though you have no warrants or any reason other than them feeling like they are being disrespected.

They fail to give you respect though!

I have a new old slogan...FUCK the police!

I also filed a formal complaint against the Sargent. Not that it will do anything.
Well that depends in the usa most cops have it all on VIDEO which means you can request it. It should show what happened. It's not the first or last time cops are going to be asses. Had one RCMP guys give me 350 bucks of tickets for asking nicely why did you pull me over. Since it's the usa you can easterly sue for false arrest. I m guessing once the tickets get to court they get thrown out. Sound like you can get 5 to 10 grand for that. Since it cost at least 100 grand to defend this type of case they mostly don't both but give out the cash to make it go away. YOu can prove that your bike can't go that fast up the hill by taking a video of it going up it it. If he paced you doing 40 does that mean no radar set up in his car? If so easy to defeat the ticket. Consider buying one of these for 20 bucks and wearing it in your helmet: . It good for 1 hours of video and more then one person here has used it with ok results.
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