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Wow, thats just ridiclous! Going to JAIL for a few vilations on a 49 cc Scooter?

I mean yea I guess the 30 MPH law is true so its technekly not an actual moped, but come on! Maybe a ticket, but jail? I didn't even think they can talk y'all to jail for not having a motorcycle license on a motorcycle. At least here I don't think they can.

Excessive smoke? What the hell? Its a 2 STROKE it WILL smoke! I didn't know there ain't no law on excessive smoke I don't even think no bikes have to be smogged.

And for pulled over letting people pass? What the fuck? Well what the hell you supposed to do? They's tailgatin and theres some law I know here if you hold up more than 5 regardless of speed you have to pull over when safe to do so and let em pass.

How did he git you for no insurence if you has it? Maybe it don't count cause you don't got no motorcycle license?

But all I can say is wow, what a pussy of a sargent!

Not ALL cops are bad though. I have some good friends that are cops, and their cool as hell! I've met a cool as hell cop that when he gets you riddin a dirtbike on the street he actually asks if he can try it cause he wants one for his son! There are lots of cool cops out there I wouldn't go as far as saying Fuck The Police.

BUT yes there are some serious ASSHOLES out there with badges. Seriously, think if your just an asshole, wouldn't being a cop appeal? You can treat people like shit all day every day, and do nearly whatever you want. Thats why there are asshole cops. Like him! Sargent? He should be after some actual CRIME? I mean tell me, just how much harm does a 49 cc scooter do? If you were riding reall reckless like an idiot swerving thru traffic and running stop signs, yea you could hit someone. But just riding? And letting people pass? NOT brakechecking em or causing road rage of some sort?

I don't get it. Holy shit. He must be a pretty tough cop now huh? HE should be depromoted or fard. Seriously, for being like this why can't they just far him already?
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