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Wink A Fist Full of Cambodia: Two Hammocks, Jungle Madness and Danger

The Prologue.....

Back in March 2011

I started planning this trip along with another trip.

Ive got this giant world map down in my garage that i look at every day.
I noticed that Costa Rica and Cambodia shared basically the same latitude.

So, I went to Costa Rica to check out the climate:

A Fist Full of Costa Rica

Cambodia's climate should be slightly hotter with less wind as
Costa Rica has the Pacific on the West and the Caribbean to the East.

Ive chosen January because it is the peak of the Dry Season.
Better for camping and better for riding. .. and better for avoiding malaria.

I began accumulating GPS data, physical maps, satellite images and travel guides for the Cambodia ride. then, meticulously pouring over all of the data and info while constructing the route.

as always, i tried to make the route as difficult as possible. choosing very remote sections of country and the faintest trails or roads that i can find.
this trip, like all my others before, will be based around camping and living off of the bike as much as possible. for this trip my plan is to sleep in as many temples or "Wats" as possible.

Here is a general overview of the route through the Kingdom of Cambodia:

Im Happy to say:

On this trip my good friend and partner in crime
(and fellow Dirty Dozen Dual Sport Gang member)
will be joining in for a tag-team of mayhem, jungle madness and general lunacy. cambo-destructo:

The Mulley:

The Swamp

Mulley and I worked together on information and data collection for this ride. trips to the library and multiple beer hazed map-highlighting sessions at various bars around town.

this is a typical ADV planning session at my house.
table covered with all the maps and guide books available for Cambodia.

Cambodia prep 101

i needed to update my shots and get vaccinated for a few other things.

me getting jabbed-up at my local doctors office

Typhoid oral Vaccine

also had the doctor hook me up with some anti-diarrheal medicine.
.. which im almost positive will get used.

ive had dysentery so bad once in china that i sat in the shower all night shitting down the drain as there was no TP, then had to be hospitalized for a day.

so, im being extra careful .

Passport prep:

the one on the left was full so i had to get a new one:

For this trip we will be using gasoline burning stoves instead of the compressed gas canister variety of stove.


well , we cant take the compressed gas canisters on the airplane.

Giant Loop has sponsored me on this ride.
Which is awesome because they make the best hardcore gear out there.
ive tested their stuff and i couldnt kill it. its absolutely Swamp Proof.
the luggage they make is directed towards the minimalist rider and i love it.

one of my favorite things about their gear is that its 100% made in the USA
Thanks so much for the bitchin gear guys ! btw cambodia is going to be covered in GL stickers when i get done with the place

Sonic Drive In has sponsored my air tickets for this ride:

we will be bringing all of our tools , tubes , spare parts, camping equipment, riding gear with us on the airplane.

we will be renting two Honda XR250s in Phnom Penh.
we have purchased different sprockets for the bikes which will gear them down to the basement. . something im sure will be useful.


Stay tuned for the ride report ..............

Enduro Earth

off the grid and deep in the woods
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