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Even if you say a production cost of $40 that is almost a 10% increase in the overall price of the vest, not counting profit. I would imagine if you could produce a "stand alone" "upgrade" you would have to sell it in the region of $70 to make it worth while. So multiple the $70 by the number of bike some folks have, 1 client ordered 10 tethers!!!!!(yes he has 10 bikes) How many people would decide to buy the "upgrade"?
I can see where the idea is but the current K.I.S.S principle tether works well
While I do agree with the KISS principle, I do not agree with the arguments that precede the statement.

1.Offering it as a separate option would imply that clients get to choose their end user price. That means it's not an increase in the base price of the vest. As a bonus, there's lots of public research available on the subject of movement arresters, so the R&D investment is minimal at worst. At best (and the way it is most likely), it is already being produced by someone.

2. The argument regarding the client having 10bikes that had to buy 10 tethers does not stand because :
a) Most of the clients only have 1-2 bikes and most likely use only one 95% of the time. Combined with point 1, this means they'll be more than able to judge for themselves and make their own maths.
b) Even for an extraordinary case such as the one you mentioned, it seems to me that someone being able to afford keeping 10 bikes is not going to trip on the 60-70$ extra payment. Plus, point 1 still applies.

You are correct in asking about the number of people interested in such a device. I haven't done the market research (and have no interest in doing it), but neither have you. Among other things, I would ask people on forums about it and then decide whether there is or not such a share of people. Of course, you'd have to present the idea in its entirety first. As in what it does for you and why it might be worth it.

In any case, Thank you for bringing the product anyways, as it is a much needed & very interesting (at least for me). I don't want you to take it this argumentative talk the wrong way. I just want to help with the development of the idea because I do believe its very much worth it.
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