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Originally Posted by Desertbilly View Post
I haven't seen anyone claim it's a major innovation in any way -- just an update of the reasonably popular Dakar. Sure, everyone would love if they'd shaved 30 - 50 pounds off of it, but that's clearly not going to happen.

I sold a 1200 Adv a few years ago as just way too heavy (for me, at least) to do anything very technical on, and moved to an RT as a vastly better tourer, again for me. Now I'm thinking I need a new lightweight adventure tourer in my stable, for dirt and gravel around the AZ and the other four corner states. I'll consider a Sertao in the next year, as well as a 690 Enduro (or 690 Adventure, if it materializes).

The Enduro has an 80-90 lb weight advantage, more power and more suspension, but the Sertao has (or will have) more comfort, more aftermarket everything, easier maintenance and more reliability. So I don't know which way I'm going to go, but I'm glad to have the choice.
You make a good point, a 650 gs would compliment your RT nicely.
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