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Funny thread! I've done a few of these and invented a new (to me) method this weekend...
Went on a trail ride down an old rail road line with a bunch of KLRs, a V-strom, and a couple of real dirt bikes. After riding 1.5 hours through hellish traffic and heat to get to the trail head, I manage all of 500m before we come to a bridge with a 1 foot tall lip. The V-strom gets high centered so I have plenty of time to sit and stare at said lip while a few riders in front of me muscle the 'strom over the bridge.

Finally, it's my wait, one rider needs to get off and pile more rocks up in front of the lip...wait some more...NOW it's my turn. Stand up, approach carefully, and grab WAY too much throttle in my impatience to get going...get both wheels airborne and crash hard on the left side. ATGATT saved me but my KLR suffered badly. All my protective stuff on the bike including my HT nerf bars did their jobs but gave their lives to the cause. Ripped my Pelican side case off and trashed my fairing support bracket too. Worst part was having 20 other riders for an audience
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