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From seeing the company whom makes it web site it's about trying to create a early looking motorcycle that everyone can afford to ride. Fick how many of us every have got to sit on a HD ,indain , pope etc let alone ride something like a 1908 camel back Indian. With this you can buy wheels like they used back then, an engine and make something like one of them for 2 grand without having to go Fick the engine on my early Indian is toasted from the ride and now I have to make the parts up from scratch. No worrying about you 50 grand bike being stolen . The likelihood that one of us is going to find an early bike cheap isn't going to happen very often. Just dumb luck like finding my second helix for 450 bucks. I looked at the right time and knew what they meant when they miss spelled helix. Don't get me wrong bike and car etc are out there waiting for people to find but it's luck and at times lots of foot work tracing down stories about an old bike or car.
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