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The big Katoom is a pig of a thing in the Kuta traffic. This place grinds to a halt at times. The KTM gets damn hot... and yesterday, I was riding in shoes with no socks and shorts (hey - it was laundry day... I seem to have lost some socks along the way).... and my leg was almost cooked by the time I got "home".

... and in a first ever... I got my daughter on the back of the bike.

Chelsea, a miner from West Oz who we met up with at one of the bars was on the back of Marty's old Vespa... and I took this photo for her Mum. We were heading out for dinner.

Marty is another miner who comes up here on his breaks. The miners work fly in - fly out stints at remote mines and end up doing, say, 9 or more days straight at work, then 6 or 8 days off.... so plenty of them jump on the big silver bird to Bali.

.... and this is one I took for Chelsea

... that was for the ride out to Jimbarin Bay... a pretty popular spot, where the restaurant tables are all on the beach, so you sink your chair and toes into the sand and watch the sunset and the Balinese dancers

... and get serenaded

I'd been blaming that lobster (I shared that one with Chelsea - that was her half... on my Bali Belly attack...

Chelsea survived it, so it was something else. My daughter was also quite ill and ended up going to the hospital before she went home - and had two injections because she couldn't even keep water down. She survived the flight, but had to get the taxi driver to make an emergency stop on the way home in Sydney. The Doc said hers was viral with some food poisoning on top.

Such is life. As they say... you'll never make it through Asia with solid poo. (sorry 'bout that.... but hey... it ain't all totally rosy) Minor price to pay. Maybe it was that watermelon we both had. They do say to avoid it.
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