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Originally Posted by DualSportDad View Post
$80 a month on sprint with unlimited data. Its been o er a year now that I ditched my home internet service and I couldn't be happier.

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Originally Posted by ImaPoser View Post
For the smartphone only. Add another $30/mo to make it a hotspot for tethering the laptop or adding a stand alone hotspot, and then it's limited to 5gb a month.
You would have to root the phone and make it a mobile hotspot outside of your agreement and hope they don't catch on to the usage amount to do it for $80/mo.

Give THIS a whirl. I have a grandfathered unlimited plan and this doesn't tap into a "hot spot" with a limited 5g or whatever.

Works pretty well. Daily browsing and misc. is no problem. Even Hulu or Netflix will adjust to available speed and run reasonably well..

Just another option.
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