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Originally Posted by c.vestal View Post
It depends on your data usage.
I replaced the DSL at my office with the Verizon Mifi. $80/mo. for 8GB. There are less expensive ones for less data.
- Three of us share the connection.
- Way faster than the "business class" DSL I had
- 5 months and we have yet to go over 6GB.
- I utilize the usage reminders. I get text and email at the usage levels I set. I set %50, %75, %90.
- Awesome to be able to take my internet with me.

Only downside. It is flaky at the start of the day and often requires a re-boot.

If you have good Sprint coverage, I suggest looking that way.
With two kids at home who are either watching movies or playing xbox live online, I bet I would smoke those limits pretty quick.

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