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Yea, maybe not shot its a bit extreme, I'm just angry that a Police Sargent would be this much of a jerk. Your right he has no buisness being no cop if this is how he acts and abuses his power. I mean I would imagine there being far worse crime than a person with no warrents or nothin pulling over on a 49 cc scooter to let people pass.

Spending 48 hours in jail is absurd for this!

At least someone drag racing on the street or somehow actually endangering lives, cops are supposed to protect and serve, not offend.

I would try and take it to small court claims, but only thing is you don't have too much evidence, and its probably his word against yours, and we all know how that ends up! But even if you can get SOME of them off, thats better than nothin right! Excessive smoke? I don't even think this applies to scooters, unless its like a HUGE cloud of dust endangering the visibility of other drivers I would imagine.
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