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Originally Posted by cliffy109 View Post
If a bike has ABS and there is an emergency, you hit the brakes hard.
Even with ABS, good technique (smooth application, not just grabbing a handful) makes a difference. That implies some degree of skill and practicing same.
Because you don't have to worry about them locking up, there is no problem with letting up on the brake if conditions allow it. A person who knows they have ABS will use them as intended. There is no reason to consider negative consequences of letting off the brake in mid-stop.
At what point is it reasonable to expect that the rider has realized that the ABS isn't functioning? I've seen an RT-P ABS pump failure at 70mph, and trust me, that rider knew it right away.

On a bike without ABS, you know that if you lock the rear, you must keep it locked. Letting off is the way to a high-side and propelling your wife 35 feet to her near death. You don't let up mid-stop. It is a different technique for different bikes.
I know no such things. Yeah, the MSF teaches that- non-MSF states don't, I explained why earlier- even if you're trying to keep it locked, you can high side.

So this guy claims (note the operative word here), he thought it had ABS and presumably riding with a technique that is perfectly appropriate for a bike with that system. According to the article (which could be wrong), he was riding correctly for a bike with ABS.
More or less. Except for the part where he demonstrated poor traffic skills and got into a situation where he needed good braking skills and didn't have any, sure.

It does sound like he was riding the way far too many people do- believing that ABS will save their ass no matter how bone-headed they ride/drive- but people w/o ABS do that too.

So now Harley is claiming that it is unreasonable to expect them to build a bike with two different tachometers? Really? That doesn't seem to unreasonable to me. They built them with two different braking systems, didn't they? I can certainly see how a person could see a cut-out that reads "ABS" could think the bike has ABS.
My wife's Toyota has cutouts in the instrument masks for ABS and TPMS lights but has neither. Cars are built with wiring harnesses and common dash boards to handle all the options; I can see the same with bikes.

Originally Posted by DAKEZ View Post
No reasonable person would overlook the fact that ABS brakes cost $1195.00. (if they had paid for it they would KNOW)
What if they had paid for it? Having been told you were buying goose and having paid for a goose, how much consumer responsibility does one have into checking that what you really wound up with isn't a duck?

Originally Posted by '05Train View Post
Unless things have changed in the last year or so, Harley's helmets are made by HJC.
I believe that to be true. The HD dealer may sell beanies, but they won't have an HD or DOT sticker on it. (Those are sold separately... sigh).

Even if it was a DOT helmet, facial injuries make it fairly plain it wasn't full face (those things'll snap your neck, ya know).
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