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I've decided that I have to rip the innards out of my helmet and see if I can de-putrify it. Its particularly hot and humid in Bali... and a black full face helmet is pushing the boundary a bit.

I left the bike at the hotel and caught a cab to Immigration (Imigrasi) in Denpassar - I'd never have found it otherwise I reckon. And... after a couple or more beers with Agus and the guys at the pub for lunch ... its cabs or walking.

I'd parked the bike up at the pub on Kim's last day here - then when she ended up at the hospital, I had to jump on and get back to the hotel so I could take her to the airport. Sheesh..... I won't ride in Oz after a single beer - and here I was riding among madmen with a tankful. After a few errors in navigation though, I reckon I've got the central Kuta area sorted. The bikes can use the back alleys... the cabs pretty much can't - but they still try.

It ended up being an interesting day. You wouldn't want to let it get to you. Imigrasi in Denpassar say "you need to have a sponsor" to extend your visa... and you have to go to Imigrasi in Kuta (where I started the day). Got my sponsor, filled in all the forms... went to Kuta Imigrasi.... "that section is closed... 11am close". "Can we pay extra"? Nah.... anyhow, Agus was with me, so five minutes of checking everything... he's said he'll take my passport back there at 9am and do the queue work. Of course.... there's a sign there saying "visa extensions must be lodged 7 days before expiry of visa".

I ended up lodging my application on the last day of my current one. Hmmm, that's OK... because I haven't overstayed. I was just thankful I didn't have to end up doing a visa run to another country at the last minute. I scraped through with Imigrasi with 30 minutes to spare, after hiring a secretary to recreate a form with one word changed (Denpassar became Kuta)... because you can't alter an official form... but you can recreate it.

The plan now is "coral fishing"... Agus is teeing up a boat from somewhere in his family and its off to the reef. If Chelsea and Kathy (a new German friend - who all the locals think is either my daughter Kim or her sister) ever emerge from their slumbers, that is.

I went clubbing with them, but bailed from the nightclub a tad after 3am. It was the funniest damn thing I've ever done. Here's this ratty looking 56 year old... about double the age of anyone else on the dance floor, dancing with the cutest girl there.

All these young bucks would try and cut in and end up sulking off with their tail between their legs. It actually provoked an interesting response with a lot of expat women - half a dozen came up to try and figure out what it was that I had. I must do that again. I must be getting fit... got up at 7am and despite hours of dancing, feel (relatively) fine. The girls were on cocktails... I paced myself with the Bintang.

Here's one with yet another young buck trying to figure it out. I just had to snap this because of the young local girls. They weren't just standing there... they were full-on dancing with a glass bottle balanced on their heads

We'd done yet another beach sunset before dinner / clubbing. The traditional view of it....

A more realistic view of it....

Yeah... the bracelet, necklace hawkers were there. I actually bought a couple more bracelets (early Chrissy shopping) and bought 4 of the women a Sprite - they'd done a long day on the beach for not much return.

.... and yeah... despite pacing myself..... its hard to stay sober in a club like the Bounty. Alcohol Free Day today.

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