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belize part 2

My tire held air fine to get me back to chetumal. I’m thinking slime is the best thing ever, until the morning when I find my tire flat again…c’mon slime!! So, I pump it up and off I go thinking I will find a bike shop in Belize City to change it for me.
I arrive right after the import document place opens. She quickly gets my paperwork in order, takes a photo of my VIN number, and sends me on my way. Hello Belize…
The immigration woman that I talk to first is very nice. She asks me all about my trip, and wishes me well. The customs guy is a different story. He acts like the typical lazy as hell southerner, that moves as slow as possible. He makes we wait for moment, even though he isn’t doing anything, and there is no one else there. He expresses no emotion, as he stamps my paperwork and visa. The only thing he asks is how long I will be in Belize. He throws my paperwork back on the counter in front of me, and tells me I am done. I ask where to next, and he waves his hand dismissively and says ‘outside.’ Gee…thanks for the help!
I pump up my tire again, and off I go. It’s gone from 45psi to 20psi in an hour. It might be a long ride to Belize city. At this point the weather looks good and I’m looking to be on time for an afternoon snorkeling trip to see the sharks.
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