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'police' checkpoint

About 50 miles into Belize, I come across a police checkpoint. The police man asks me for my drivers license. I give him my AAA international drivers license. He then asks for insurance paperwork. I donít have any insurance in Belize. Mr policeman then proceeds to tell me that I have to have insurance, and that not having insurance is an arrestable offense. He says that I will be put in jail, that the bike will be impounded, and that the judge will decide what to do on Monday (itís Sunday now.) He says I will have to follow him back to the station for processing. This whole thing goes on for about 5 minutes of him telling me how bad itís going to be. Then he walks over to talk with the two other policeman. I check out his vehicle, while Iím thinking about what to do. The police truck is a beat up 90ís ford ranger with police hand stenciled onto the side, but it does have blue/red lights on top. Nice!! Two of the policemen are wearing black pants and a black polo with some sort of official looking logo on it. The other policeman has an outfit on that looks like a Halloween costume for President Kim of north korea. Anyway, north korea Kim comes up to me and gives the same talk about insurance, how Iím going to jail, and how my bike will be impounded. I notice that Kim doesnít have a gun or a radio. I look back and neither of the other guys have any police gear on. One of them does have a rifle of some sort slung over his back, but itís on there all backwards for being able to quickly use it. As president Kim keeps giving me the warnings about Belize jails, I slowly pull up my kickstand, then make sure key is on, then check that the kill switch is off, then slowly put bike in first gear and pull in the clutch. The traffic dies down and the other two Ďpolicemení walk over to me. Iím slowly rocking bike back and forth to make sure the clutch is fully disengaged. Right then, Ďpolicemaní number one saysÖímaybe we can make some sort of dealí. I say Ďyeah rightí as I thumb the starter and let out the clutch at the same time, and off I go running from the Belize Ďpoliceí with a slowly flattening tire, and them still holding my international driverís license. I haul ass down the road, constantly looking back to see if they are chasing me. After about 20 miles I stop to check my tireÖ.it seems to be holding up, so next stop Belize City. Iím really looking forward to getting to some civilization after that shit!!!
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