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belize city...the worst place on earth!!

I stop on the outskirts of Belize city and take some photos of house that are leaned over in the sand, presumably from a combination of poor construction and a hurricane. I start trying to navigate my way to what I think will be the tourist area downtown where my hostel is at. Itís really difficult to navigate because the roads are rough, and most of the street name signs are missing from their post. I stop at a hotel, and the security guard gives me directions to downtown. Downtown looks like a combination of a war torn middle eastern city, like Beirut, and inner city New Orleans. Itís filled with one way really rough streets, and people all over. After about 30 minutes of wandering around in some of the most 3rd world-ish nasty run-down looking areas, I come across a motorcycle rider, who shows me the way to my hostel. The hostel looks like a shack of some sort that you would use as a wood shed on a run-down old farm. I can see the ocean from there and all I see is very dark thunderstorm looking clouds, so no snorkeling today. I look at the time and decide that I might have enough time to make it to Guatemala if I haul ass. So, I get directions from the hostel lady. She says take David to Euphrates to Rocon and Iím on my way. Only problem with that is there are no street name signs left. They are not there at all. So, I wander around Belize City some more trying to find my way out. I see several areas that Iíd like to take photos of to show how bad it was, but Iím afraid to stop moving. Many people stare as I go by, some yell for me to stop, some walk out in the road right into my way. After turning back and circling around for way too long, I find a gas station. GreatÖfuel is about $5.50 a gallon. Guess you pay extra for being in paradise. I fill up my tire again, get directions for how to get on the road to Guatemala, and off I go to get as far away from this place as possible before dark. On the way out of town, I do find a place to stop to take a photo. The highway goes right through the middle of a cemetery, with the burial plots at the edge of the road. Very weird!!
I think about the tourist brochures that make Belize seem like such a tropical paradise. Thatís such bullshit. It really is the worst place on earth that I have seen. It takes the place of Klamath Falls, Oregon as my previous thought of the worst place on earth.
You too can experience what itís like to be in Belize City on a motorcycle. Go to the worst area of some city like New Orleans, Compton or Washington DC. Flash a lot of money to everyone possible, make a lot of noise so everyone knows you are there, and then walk around after dark by yourself. I think that would sum up about how I felt riding around lost in Belize City. Itís a combination of inner city New Orleans, war torn Beirut, extreme 3rd world poverty shanty town, pavement from 50 years ago that hasnít been repaired since, mixed with chickens and dogs running around, and a healthy dose of nasty French attitude. Why isnít that on the travel brochures??
I think about the cute young Canadian couple that I met at the border that was backpacking into Belize. What a shock they are in for. At least I have a motorcycle that I can run away on. They are kinda stuck there.
I make it to the Belize border checkout point. I go in and get treated like shit by the Belize officials some more. They make me wait for no reason, throw my paperwork at me, and send me on my way. If I would have known how the process works, I would have just rode right through the border check out point and gone straight to Guatemala. Fuck BelizeÖIím never coming back. (unless Iím with someone wonderful that really has to go diving in the blue holeÖonly for that though!!)
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